Mission Statement:

Intent on giving back to Fauquier County in which my family is so deeply rooted, a vision for the future of encouraging our young people to get involved, standing up for the traditions and character that make our community such a great place to live, and the application of my career in the financial services sector are the key elements that I aim to bring to the Office of Commissioner of Revenue. Integrity, respect for the value for each unique person that we serve, and the highest standards of professional public service – these are the hallmarks that I desire to exemplify as your Commissioner of Revenue. 


Fauquier County is my lifelong home to which I am bonded by deep affection and loyalty. Born and raised here in Fauquier County, my family lived on Winchester Street in Old Town Warrenton where I walked to St John’s School and rode my bike to visit friends.  After graduating from Fauquier High School in 1995, I attended West Virginia University.  I am one of 7 children with 5 sisters and a brother. My wife Melea and I have three beautiful girls all under the age of four and live in Warrenton. 

Family History:

I want to tell you about my parents because I am a legacy of the roots they planted here. My parents showed us by their daily example that service to others is one of the greatest contributions you can make. Several of my siblings provide service to our community as local small business owners.


Your contributions will help fund our mission.