About Eric

My name is Eric Maybach and I am running for the office of Commissioner of the Revenue. 

Fauquier County is my lifelong home to which I am bonded by deep affection and loyalty. Born and raised here in Fauquier County, my family lived on Winchester Street in Old Town Warrenton where I walked to St John’s School and rode my bike to visit friends.   After graduating from Fauquier High School in 1995, I attended West Virginia University.  I am one of 7 children with 5 sisters and a brother. My wife Melea and I have three beautiful girls all under the age of four and live in Warrenton. 

My desire for public service is something that truly started to take shape after my father’s death in 2008.  I have been an Officer of the Election for 11 years, but it is now time to branch out and add a new leaf of responsibility, desiring to bring a ‘Focus for the Future’ to the Office of Commissioner of Revenue to encourage the sprouting visions of our youth, while helping preserve the traditions rooted in our great Fauquier County.

I have 14 years of work experience in the banking / financial industry. My career has spanned supervising and developing team members for most of those 14 years including 100’s of hours of leading training classes for new associates and designing training materials and procedures that were adopted by the entire company. I strove to continually inspire my teams to always do the best they can, resulting in our branch and region being one of the top performers in the company year in and year out. I have been responsible for managing multi-million-dollar portfolios that have met or exceeded targeted growth with delinquency and loss below industry standards. I was charged with setting budgets and projecting growth for the team, branch, and region. This was done by analyzing historical data, looking for trends and other predictable influences, while broadening and applying my knowledge base. I also had to account for external economic factors in order to meet and exceed goals. As an example of this, during periods of cyclic downturn when people may be less able to maintain current repayment schedules causing higher delinquency and loss, I successfully anticipated the economic change, proactively making modifications to our budget to stay on track.  This is very similar to situations that could arise with the tax base during economic changes and I am prepared for this challenge. I used the information gained through the analysis of data to set individual team goals and regional budgets, knowing that the best decisions have to be grounded in the best application of data. A bit more homespun are the years of practical experience gained on our family farm where I learned the importance of self-reliance and ingenuity, making do with and getting the most use out of what resources we had at hand.  

Intent on giving back to Fauquier County in which my family is so deeply rooted, a vision for the future of encouraging our young people to get involved, standing up for the traditions and character that make our community such a great place to live, and the application of my career in the financial services sector are the key elements that I aim to bring to the Office of Commissioner of Revenue.  Integrity, respect for the value for each unique person that we serve, and the highest standards of professional public service – these are the hallmarks that I desire to exemplify as your Commissioner of Revenue. 

Family History:

I want to tell you about my parents because I am a legacy of the roots they planted here. After my father completed medical training he and my mother moved to Warrenton where he worked as a physician in the ER at Fauquier Hospital.  With the help of my mother, they opened a family medical practice in town. Not only did my mother raise us 7 children and run my father’s office, she somehow found time to help build the current St. John’s elementary school by raising money through volunteering at bingo and the annual Octoberfest at St John’s.  My parents showed us by their daily example that service to others is one of the greatest contributions you can make. My father would, up until the day he died, make house calls for his patients (something my sister Dr Anita Maybach continues today). Stemming from the deep bonds and friendships formed at the family practice office, together with the abiding sense of belonging to this community which my mom and dad imbued in us, 6 of us still live and or work in this county and the 7th should be moving home by this summer. We strive to continue sowing seeds of prosperity for our generation and the next. Several of my siblings provide service to our community as local small business owners. My sister Mary is a personal assistant and care taker to the elderly, my sister Julie Royal has her own physical therapy practice here in Warrenton, another sister, Jill, is a valued teacher at St. John the Evangelist School, my brother Peter owns a busy consulting firm providing soil testing and a broad range of agronomy services edge to help farmers cultivate our rich agricultural heritage in Fauquier and surrounding counties. My sister, Anita Maybach, M.D., took over our father’s medical practice and continues to work in the ER at Fauquier Hospital where my father started in 1970 almost 50 years ago. Lastly my sister Sarah has recently returned to Warrenton with her husband, who has served in the army for the last 14 years, they have four young children in their growing family.  As you can see, this community is not only my home but is also home to my entire family. It is the place I love, and its continued flourishing success is very important to me.

Thank you for your time. I so appreciate you taking a few minutes out to read my biography and my reasons and aspirations in seeking elected office as Commissioner of Revenue. Even more I would delight in the opportunity to meet you individually and hear your concerns. I would appreciate your support and I am asking for your vote.