“I am proud to endorse Eric Maybach for Fauquier County Commissioner of Revenue. Eric is a solid conservative and a rock-solid person with a vision that will serve the people and businesses of Fauquier well. He brings valuable real-world experience to the job and is infinitely qualified.” 

– State Delegate Michael Webert (R-District 18)

“I support Eric in his pursuit for office. I believe he has committed himself to the people of Fauquier and to learning the duties of the job. That is evident in his tireless work to date.” 

– Fauquier County Supervisor R. Holder Trumbo, Jr.

As a longtime business owner in Fauquier County, I understand many of the challenges we face, as well as the positives that make us proud to live here. Our strengths rest partly in our competent local government, which is why I am proud to support Eric Maybach for commissioner of the revenue on Nov. 5.


Eric’s family has been a mainstay in this community for a long time. His father and sister have taken care of my family and so many others for more than 40 years. I have known Eric throughout this time, since he was a little boy, and I assure you he is a good man, fit for this job.

Eric has worked hard for years managing big projects. He has won awards in the process. This takes hard work, smarts, skills that we need in the commissioner spot. This is probably why the current commissioner of revenue also supports Eric.

Fauquier deserves someone who is committed to the job for the long haul, not because it is a convenient “next step.” Eric will provide this type of stability. Being able to vote for people like Eric demonstrates why we love it here. He is a person of high character who wants to serve the taxpayers. Please, vote for Eric Maybach for commissioner of the revenue on Nov. 5.

-  Cecil Campbell